Lapland - Above ordinary
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The finest and the mightiest


Inari from the air

With a surface area of more than 17,000km2, Inari is the largest municipality in Finland. Lake Inari accounts for more than half of its 2,000 of lakes and rivers.
Nestled between its thousands of lakes and islands are hundreds of majestic fells that shape its landscape.

Modern and dynamic

A woman dressed for winter Distinct seasonal variations generate their own challenges but also create opportunities. Inari has been successful in harnessing its unique characteristics in business life. Cooperation between experts in different sectors and local entrepreneurs has resulted in a constantly evolving service network that encourages a wide range of activities and tourism in the municipality. And there is an endless variety of accommodation ranging from wilderness cabins in small outlying villages to the pulsating beat of Saariselkä tourist resort.


The Municipality of Inari is part of the European Union's Northern Dimension, which includes Finnish Lapland, Finnmark in Norway and northwest Russia. The Arctic Corridor passing through the municipality brings these three countries together and forms a gateway to the Arctic Ocean and the Kola Peninsula. Inari's superb road network and the international Ivalo Airport allow fast and easy movement in changing conditions.

Multilingual and multicultural


Dancers in traditional Sámi dress The Sami identity is part of Inari's multicultural heritage. The Sami are an indigenous people with their own colourful culture, language, identity and history.

Inari is the only municipality in Finland with four official languages: Finnish, Inari Sami, Skolt Sami and North Sami.

Rich by nature

It's hard to find anywhere else in the world that compares with the wilderness of Inari. Its four sharply contrasting seasons provide unforgettable experiences: the midnight sun of summer, the blazing colours of autumn, the dazzling white snow and ice of winter, and the awakening of nature in spring. Inari is actively growing on the terms of nature. Inari's strength lies in its mighty and magnificent nature that we cherish with all our heart.