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Industries in Lapland

Industries in Lapland

Clean nature and abundant natural resources provide a unique, solid foundation for the business sector in Lapland. The cornerstones of the region's economy are tourism, steel and metal industry, mining industry, reindeer husbandry and forestry. The energy sector, too, will play an increasingly important role in the economy in future.
Diversity and natural resources

The changing of seasons, the arctic nature and peacefulness attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to magical Lapland each and every year. For many of them clean, aromatic natural products, such as mushrooms, berries and reindeer meat, are the highlight of their trip.

Forestry and reindeer husbandry are important resources in view of Lapland's vitality. Forestry is pursued with a view to sustainable development and maintaining natural diversity. Reindeer husbandry adds to the exoticness of Lapland not only in the form of sleigh rides but also as a tasty cuisine.

The role of mineral prospecting and mining has become more prominent in the last few years. The ore resources in Lapland are among the richest in the whole of Europe, new mines have been opened and new ones are currently being planned. Mining is especially extensive in the Kemi region and in Kittilä, Sodankylä and Kolari. Tornio is globally renowned for its extensive steel industry, for which additional investment plans have been drawn up.

Traffic connections
Traffic connections in Lapland are excellent, thanks to its extensive road and railway network, ports and daily flight connections. Lapland invests in improving and extending its traffic connections even further in order to boost the performance of the business sector. The region borders on Sweden, Norway and Lapland, which allows fruitful international cooperation. Finland enjoys an important logistic position in view of its neighbouring countries.