Lapland - Above ordinary
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Provincial emblems of Lapland

Provincial coat of arms

Provincial coat of arms

The red shield has a wild man depicted from the front with a green oak leaf wreath around his head and waist. On his right hand he has a golden club which is also resting on his shoulder. On top of the coat of arms there is the crown of the county with eleven pearls.


Provincial song

The provincial song of Lapland is Kymmenen virran maa. The song was composed by Oskar Merikanto and arranged by A. V. Forsman.

Provincial bird

The provincial bird of Lapland is the bluethroat (Luscinia svecica). The bluethroat is common in Finland, but in the summertime it stays mainly in Northern Finland. Its nesting areas include alpine birch forests, willow thickets by brooklets and the surrounding bushes of swamps and lakes. The bluethroat winters in South Asia and Central Africa.

Provincial fish

The provincial fish of Lapland is the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). Natural Atlantic salmon populations are endangered. In Finland, they are found only in the Simojoki and Torniojoki rivers, which empty into the Baltic Sea. The Tenojoki and Näätämöjoki rivers, which empty into the Arctic Ocean, have their own salmon populations.

Provincial flower

The provincial flower of Lapland is the globeflower (Trollius europaeus). The globeflower blooms widely in the Province of Lapland. Flowering begins in early summer and lasts till midsummer (Juhannus in Finnish). The globeflower thrives in the vicinity of residential areas, riversides, lush hardwood swamps and by brooklets and their thickets in the fell areas.

Provincial rock

The provincial rock of Lapland is gold (Aurum). Some of the features of this precious metal are durability and ductility. It's easy to forge and it doesn't fracture. Gold panners have been dreaming of the gold of Lapland for centuries. There are still gold panners working and finding nuggets of different sizes in Lapland.