Lapland - Above ordinary
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Culture in Lapland

Culture for all

Lapland's vibrant cultural life offers unforgettable moments for everyone. Tune in to the magnificent tones of classical music, the rhythms of jazz, rock attitude or various other music genres. Painting, sculpture, photography... you can enjoy artworks in the galleries and exhibitions found in every locality of Lapland. In our theatres, you can enjoy fascinating and thought-provoking stories interpreted by a skilful cast. Plays are also produced from texts by authors living in Lapland. Visit Lapland's libraries for more information on their work. It's no wonder that so many of the top Finnish authors come from Lapland - the magical Arctic is a unique source of inspiration.

Music for all tastes

Lapland has a rich music culture. Concerts and performances are organised in various localities, towns and even on the fells. We also have a wide selection of festivals. Festivals provide an excellent way to enjoy music in Lapland's magnificent surroundings. Amateur and professional orchestras, bands, choirs and artists of various kinds of music genres represent Lapland's music culture at its best.

Bastion of the arts

Lapland is the cradle of the arts. Active artist societies and clubs, in addition to professional artists, create artworks which can be seen in several art exhibitions and galleries. Lapland's museums and their exhibitions also showcase cultural heritage and history. As the cradle of the arts, Lapland has several institutes where you can study the arts. The Faculty of Art and Design at the University of Lapland is the flagship of the field.

Theatre awakens the emotions

Flaming emotions, bubbling humour and thought-provoking stories - these are the things that theatrical performances in Lapland are made of. City theatres and various kinds of smaller amateur groups offer performances which will most definitely sweep you off your feet. When the theatre comes to a restaurant, for example, you might be entertained with some improvisation or a monologue.

Literature for everyone

Many stories, poems and causeries were born in Lapland. A story always has a writer, and the list of authors from Lapland is a very long one. The most well-known are probably Jari Tervo and Arto Paasilinna. The Provincial Library of Lapland is a good place to start your exploration of Lapland's literature.

Sports culture

Lapland boasts excellent settings for sports. The ski resorts in our fells serve as an arena for many top athletes competing for world championship titles. Many of the top Finnish athletes come from Lapland: the alpine skiers Kalle Palander and Tanja Poutiainen, the Nordic combined athlete Hannu Manninen and the cross-country skier Pirjo Muranen. Lapland also has a lot to offer in other winter sports. Lapland's many sports clubs work actively and promote all sorts of sporting activities.


House of Lapland

House of Lapland is a nonprofit-organization, owned by the municipalities of Lapland, Rovaniemi Municipal Federation of Education and the Lapland University Foundation.

House of Lapland's task is to ensure the Lapland region's visibility and attraction among Lapland's nationally and internationally important stakeholders.


The Arts Council of Lapland

The Arts Council's mission is the progress of regional art and cultural life, strengthening of the regional cultural identity and accompanying the entire cultural development of the province and municipalities of Lapland. It offers expertise, financial support and international connections in the field of art and culture. The Arts Council of Lapland is situated in Rovaniemi, and serves all of Lapland. Read more about the Arts Council of Lapland.