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Arctic Business
Forum 2017

The 8th Arctic Business Forum will be organized 17. - 18.5.2017 at Kemi Finland, the capital of Arctic Industry. The theme for this year's forum is Industry, Innovations & Investments in the Arctic region.

While embracing the economic cooperation between the Arctic countries, the forum offers also valuable information about the possibilities and future investment potential of the Arctic region both for the local business representatives and international investors. Aim is to scrutinize the future and build network and relationships among region's various representatives.

The conference event arranged by Lapland Chamber of Commerce is an excellent arena not only to learn about, update and discuss arctic business developments but also to do business. 

Run a Business and Succeed in Lapland

Run a Business and Succeed in Lapland

Lapland is an international venue without borders where people and companies meet. It is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and getting things done. Lapland offers complete cooperation and expertise networks, the best of their kind in the Arctic Region, to support business, modern industry and international export companies.

Invest in Lapland

Focus on the Cool - Lapland is in!

Lapland’s location in the hub of the Arctic, between east and west is unique and makes Lapland an attractive place for establishing businesses, as well as offering investors the opportunity to become involved in the billion-euro projects in the Arctic regions of Europe and Russia.

We can truly say Lapland is “in” when talking of a functional base for commercial activity at the junction point of the northern cultures.

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Lapland Chamber of Commerce

Lapland Chamber of Commerce is the Northernmost Chamber of Commerce in the European union.

An important part of the Lapland Chamber of Commerce work is to facilitate international trade and establish contacts between companies in Lapland and companies especially in the Barents Euroarctic Region and all over the world. Lapland Chamber of Commerce plays an active role in international cooperation and networking of companies and accordingly, stresses the importance of international marketing of Lapland and Barents Region.

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