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Picking berries and mushrooms

Picking berries and mushrooms

Ripe and ready to pick in the beginning of August, the cloudberry mainly thrives in the tussocks of open swamps with few trees, fuscum pine swamps and backwoods with low nutrient levels.  The cloudberry is very good for you, as it contains plenty of vitamin C and minerals.

The berry picking season is at its best in September. This is the time when, for instance the lingonberry and the health bomb cranberry are ripe and delicious. The picking of berries belongs to Everyman’s Rights.

Mushroom picking
The range of mushrooms first to appear in the autumn includes the fabulous birch bolete, variegated bolete, rufous milk-cap and russula. Mushrooms are best found from the various forests. The penny bun bolet in particular thrives in all types of forest, but also on the edge of grassy forest trails, at the foot of trees, or on sub-dry forest heaths. Milk caps grow in fresh, forest heath-like and grove-like forests. The golden chanterelle mostly favours mossy forests, spruce stands, mixed and hardwood forests.

Take a mushroom guide along with you when you go mushroom picking in the forest to make it easier to identify the delicious mushrooms. More information on the different species of mushrooms can be found from here.

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