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Nature watching

Nature watching

There is plenty to please the eye in the autumnal forests. Numerous different berry and mushroom species ripen and await pickers as the cooler and damper conditions set in. Flora and fauna are experiencing big changes during this period. Lapland has plenty of nature trails and panoramic viewing spots, from which you can admire the changing nature.

Animals prepare for winter
Some of our birds migrate to warmer climes when autumn comes, but the local birds have to survive the cold of winter. During the autumn, squirrels store pine cones in the ground safely out of the reach of crossbills and woodpeckers. The stoat and fox are also very good at hiding things.

Some animals take a winter rest, dormancy or hibernation to awaken in the spring when the sun once again provides warmth and nutrition becomes available. The hedgehog goes into winter dormancy when its body temperature drops to around the level of the outside temperature. The bear, badger and raccoon dog hibernate during the winter. During the autumn, these animals accumulate a layer of fat under their skins that their bodies use for nutrition through the long winter.

Autumn activities


Colorful activities

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