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Hiking and outdoor pursuits

During the autumn you get to enjoy slightly cooler weather and the vibrant array of natural autumnal colours, which is called the ruska period, so autumn is a very popular time for nature excursions. Lappish terrain is perfectly suited for extended treks and day trip hikes alike, whatever takes your fancy. 

Trails to suit everyone’s preferences
Trails of varying difficulties and lengths are more often located in connection with national parks and tourist resorts. The shorter, single-day hiking routes are often also easier to traverse, and some places also allow the possibility to travel using wheelchairs or pushing a pram. Hiking longer trekking trails is more challenging.

Well known hiking routes can be found from e.g. Pallas – Ounastunturi and Ylläs – Aakenus – Levi. The Pyhätunturi National Park, the Luosto district and the renowned UK-route are very popular.

Sleep well in the heart of nature
While on your hike, you can stay overnight in cabins, wilderness cabins or lean-to shelters. A lean-to is a structure made from wood with three walls and a slanted roof to protect you from the elements. In addition to marked trails and campfire spots, there are also lean-to shelters, wilderness cabins and bookable cabins that are usually located along routes with no road access. These may be freely used; all you need to remember are the Everyman’s Rights.

Appropriate equipment
Equipment should be planned according to the length of the route and type of accommodation. If you decide to go hiking before the first snowfall and you plan to overnight in well-equipped cabins traversing marked routes, it is worth thinking about what clothes would be the most suitable to bring along. However, if you would prefer to sleep in a tent and take your own route, your equipment should include at least the following: compass, map, tent and all the necessary basic equipment, not forgetting you should have advanced orienteering skills.

Autumn activities


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