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Winter activities in Lapland


Winter in Lapland

You can enjoy the thrill of a unique winter experience in Lapland north of the Arctic Circle, that is taken over by the twilight period for some of the winter, a time when the Sun does not rise above the horizon. In the most northern corners of Lapland, this twilight period can last for up to 51 days.

Winter usually begins in mid-October, which is at least a month earlier than other parts of Finland. Winter is the longest season, lasting up to 200 days. As a result, Lapland provides a whole range of winter activities to experience.

The freezing temperatures can fall to as low as -45 to -50°C. During these frosty conditions, you can also spot the amazingly colourful light phenomenon from the dark starry skies – the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. After the onset of winter, the snow falls on open ground for around two weeks and the snow cover gets thicker right through to March.

Try cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and snowboarding. Alternatively, you could always go on a husky dog or snowmobile safari, reindeer sleigh ride or take the plunge into an ice pool. There’s plenty here to try!