Lapland - Above ordinary
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Summer activities



Just as the renowned Finnish poet memorably wrote “Blooming in Lapland goes by fast and quickly, grass, birch and barley, and even the dwarf birch…” During the summertime, nature has time to grow its buds, blossom and then wither into its magnificent vibrant colours. The unique experience of summer in Lapland is also enhanced by experiencing the nightless night or midnight sun when the sun doesn’t set at all, day or night.

Whether you travel in Lapland alone or in a group, Lapland has a variety of different alternatives to provide. It’s worth taking a canoeing trip and traversing the rugged backwoods of Lapland. Fill your berry baskets on the cloudberry swamps or fish yourself a delicious catch. Lapland also has some excellent golf courses.

Miscellaneous activities

 » Rafting
 » Cycling

 » Hiking
 » Canoeing
 » Nordic walking
 » Nature watching
 » Nightless night