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Autumn activities


Autumn in Lapland

In autumn the days get shorter, rain raises the water levels of rivers, lakes and swamps, and the cooling weather helps to form a misty cloud cover over the waterways. The vibrant autumnal shades of the ruska period is a sign of nature making its preparations for the onset of winter.

In the autumnal forests lingonberries glow red among the green sprays and grey lichen and the swamps get a vibrant display of orange-yellow ruska. Berries and mushrooms are ready for picking in the autumn, and you still have time to play golf, try Nordic walking and trekking the Lappish nature before the coming of snow and start of winter activities.

Colorful activities

 » Hunting
 » Hiking
 » Picking berries
 » Nature watching
 » Vibrant autumnal period

 » Golf
 » Fishing
  » Nordic walking